We have a blog now!

When we first created this site, we didn’t really plan on a blog part of it. We were just going to have a master list of links on the front page, and an about page, and leave the real-time updates to our Twitter feeds.

However, it occurred to me this weekend that perhaps we should have a blog portion of the site — not least because Daniel got suspended from Twitter for three days and when he finally got allowed back on, all his followers and who he was following were gone. Not only that, every time someone tried to follow him again, they’d get automatically unfollowed. I pressed follow on his page a total of seven times before I gave up in anger.

Not sure if it’s any different now, but this was only about twenty minutes ago — so I doubt it.

So it’s pretty hard to carry on a conversation on Twitter when your compatriots get suspended because someone reported them.

At this point, I’m not exactly sure what all we’ll be posting here. I’m thinking we’ll do a weekly link-round up of new links we find that fit the site’s theme — these, of course, will also be added to the master list. Eventually we may move on to doing more things. Really not sure at this moment.

Comments are allowed and moderated. As of now we have no comment policy, but that may change.

I for one am very excited to be doing this, especially with Emma and Danny. I’ve had amazing conversations with Emma on Twitter before now, and Danny and I have been partners in crime for around a year now. This is an important project, and I feel honored and humbled that I get to take part in it with these two great folks.

What are your feelings? Suggestions on how we can make this site better? Seen a link we’ve missed? Post a comment below.

StarbuckinstarbucksKatje van Loon is an author of feminist pagan fiction, an actor, and a burlesque dancer. Zie likes Nutella, Star Trek, and Journey songs. When zie’s not writing, dancing, acting, or subverting the dominant heteronormative gender-binarist paradigm, zie likes to knit and be adorkable with zir fiancé.  You can read more from zir at Bacon and Whiskey.

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