About The BlogRing

This was created from a conversation among @katjevanloon, @Sageling, and @EmmaTofi on Twitter. We’d been fighting the good fight, helping @50ShadesAbuse raise awareness via Twitter about the domestic violence and abuse glorified by the Fifty Shades Trilogy. We decided we should have a blogring support group  as we also blogged about it.

The main page is a curated list of links regarding the abuse in 50 Shades. If you have a post about the abuse in the Fifty Shades trilogy and would like it on the list, please email us at 50shadesisabuseblogring AT gmail DOT com.

Info for Tweeps

The three of us (Katje, Danny, and Emma) are on Twitter, talking about this constantly. We do not run @50ShadesAbuse; we simply think they’re doing a good thing and are looking to support that. We started using the #50ShadesIsAbuse hashtag at some point (Twitter says it was first used on January 28th, by @FrothyDragon) and decided to name our blogring site after the hashtag. So if you’re on Twitter, join in the conversation! Use the #50ShadesIsAbuse hashtag whenever it fits, and follow us if you like!

If you’re not on Twitter, the conversation is still happening in the blog posts. Check out the main page for the links.

Reading 50 Shades

I, Katje, do not advocate reading the entire trilogy, especially if you’re an abuse survivor. It may be…triggering. It was for me. If you feel you must read at least part of it, however, I highly recommend Jenny Trout’s MST3K-style recaps at her blog: Jen Reads 50 Shades of Grey. You’ll note some of her other blog posts are on the master list. She’s been talking about this for a while. (Also the recaps are hilarious and have made me laugh until I either cried or peed, so I highly recommend anything Jenny Trout does, ever.)

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